Automate statements, presentations and more

Automation done right has the ability to eliminate labor intensive, error-prone processes and to produce and distribute financial statements, investor statements, fact sheets, investor presentations and more with the click of a mouse. it guarantees consistent output and uniform formatting throughout the statements with continuous page numbering and content options. It allows you to set up and manage comprehensive statement rules to define the order and conditions in which reports, notes, cover letters, portfolio write-ups, etc. are consolidated.

Batch creation of statements with just a single click

You can run single or multiple sets of statements with just a single click. The output can be produced in variety of formats such as PDF, Word or Power Point. The batch process is incredibly fast and designed to share the load between multiple servers.

Easy to manage reports

Centralize all the reports developed in Crystal Reports, Reporting Services, Excel or InnoEra products. With its state-of-the-art features, you can view your reports in PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, or default viewer with just a single click. It ensures the availability of the reports across the company, but with secure controls in place, you will never have to worry that reports will be seen by those who do not have certain level of access.

Report development in Crystal Reports or Reporting Services

Our professionals have lots of experience in various reporting software programs, such as Crystal Reports, and Reporting Services. Having in-depth knowledge of the finance domain and database softwares, we can build the reports quickly with little effort.

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